Saturday, March 20, 2010

Rice paper butterfly

Toucheng Farm in Yilan County is an ecological paradise. Many different kinds of natural wonders are at home to this more than 100 hectares of land.

As a tour guide of the Farm, I love to explain to our foreign guests who visit the Farm, the metamorphosis of the rice paper butterfly (Idea leuconoe).
The founder and owner of Toucheng Farm Madame Cho Chen Ming, purposely planted the dog bane tree
( Parsonsia laevigata) food to the rice paper butterfly's caterpillar, so that they can live and reproduce here.

I always enjoy looking at these wonderful creatures, and much more watching the guests as their eyes open wide amazed at the sight of the red,white and black caterpillars or the golden chrysalis, especially the children.
The adult butterfly is just as lovely and wonderful in its white, black spotted and pale yellowish wings as they dances freely around the trees.

A trip to Toucheng Farm will surely enrich and refresh you. Why not try?

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